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Human body is a well tuned machine with two alternating phases – work phase and rest phase.

During the work phase, we burn energy and that results in physical and mental fatigue. During the rest phase, we “recharge our batteries” and it is of extreme importance to wisely choose the type of rest and relaxation.
For example, for activities in which physical activity is predominant, passive rest without any significant physical activity is recommended. As opposed to the passive rest, active rest is recommended as the best way of solving accumulated mental work fatigue and mental stress.
Active rest is also used as a prevention against illnesses and chronic conditions that may result from a sedentary lifestyle.

Improved quality of life is one of the scientifically proven effects of workout and exercising. This implies improved cardiovascular and breathing functions, boosted immune system, enhanced psychological well-being, better stress management, better mood, increased alertness, increased
energy level and better focus. All this results in increased work ability. Additionally, exercising prevents various chronic conditions and health problems which results in a prolonged lifespan.

This all brings us to one conclusion. People who exercise and workout regularly are healthier and in a better emotional state. Consequently, they are more productive and they achieve better work results.

In addition to the standard membership, Biotrening Centar offers fitness and policlinics customised packages tailored to your needs in their fitness and policlinics (Biotrening poliklinika). Find out the various ways of using your Corporate Fitness Program Agreement in their fitness and policlinics.
Many companies are aware of the value and importance of each employee and their health and they are also aware that all their employees contribute to achieving extraordinary business results.

Biotrening Centar can be your valuable partner in improving your business performance.

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