Vision training

The way we perceive and grasp the world surrounding us is simply a habit obtained during our lifetime.

This mechanism of processing visual information and making decisions can be tested, analysed and trained, and by doing that enhance effectiveness of a person.

An athlete who is capable to process a great number of visual information in a short period of time and react accordingly has advantage over other athletes.

Step one is a complete ophthalmological examination, which involves measuring visual acuity, eye pressure, and examining fundus by dilating pupils.

Step two is the analysis of sensomotoric skills. We use a device called Senaptec Sensory Station. We use it to analyse 10 skills that are based on visual stimuli, and those skills are proved to be crucial for almost all sports. We analyse the obtained results and create individual training programmes for each individual athlete, taking into consideration their age, gender, sport, team position and competition level.

Step three is creating an individual training programme focusing on skills perceived as most important for that person and where there is space for improvement.

Alongside improving skills in cases of top athletes, training sensomotoric skills has proven to be extremely effective in therapy after various neurological and motor damage. Using Senatec equipment can have significant impact on the results of therapy and recovery.


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