Medical massage

Medical massage is a type of physical therapy used to manipulate your body tissues (epidermis, dermis, muscle tissue and muscle fascia) using continuous movements.

Medical massage is provided based on the patient’s diagnostics results and the pain he suffers. It is performed manually in order to directly and indirectly influence muscle and nervous system, circulation and lymph.

Medical massage is a great preparation of tissue for mobilisation and manipulation. Such a combination gives long-term results since it detects the root of the problem and it is an essential part of the rehabilitation treatment plan. It has a long-term effect as it focuses on the root of the problem and not the problem itself.

There are numerous benefits of medical massage such as better sleep, reduced tension and muscle pain, healing of psychological stress and headaches etc.




Back pain, headache, depression, stress, indigestion, cramps, muscle atrophy, problems with blood circulation, rheumatism.



Acute inflammation, febrile conditions, varicose veins, open wounds, all types of bleeding, malignant processes, ulcers, thrombosis, trauma, burns, eczema.



  • it is recommended not to eat anything at least one hour before the massage
  • it is obligatory to take a shower before the massage not only for hygienic reasons, but to relax muscles and to peel the upper layer of skin
  • it is recommended not to remove oil after the massage as it nourishes the skin and improves the results
  • it is recommended to drink some water or some unsweetened beverage after the massage


Sports massage

Sports massage is used to prevent and heal sports injuries. It is an essential part of every training and competition and plays a major role in life of every athlete. Regular massage prevents injuries and in case of an injury, it decreases recovery time.
It also improves mobility, releases muscle tension, improves flexibility and oxygen and nutrient supply.
The only difference between sports massage and medical massage is that during sports massages ligaments and tendons are treated as they are more exposed to sprain. Sports massages can be divided in two categories depending on duration and in relation to trainings or competitions.


Preparatory massage:

Preparatory massage is done from 30 minutes to 24 hours before a sports event. The goal is to improve circulation, flexibility and mental vigilance. It can be combined with stretching and warm-up exercises. It is a short and quick massage that warms up the body and increases blood circulation. This type of massage reduces stress and anxiety and improves concentration and vigilance.


Relaxing massage:

Relaxing massage is performed after trainings or competitions in order to recover more quickly. It can be combined with any workout or stretching. It is a slow and intense type of massage. It removes lactic acid built up in muscles, reduces muscle tone, improves flexibility, lowers blood pressure and accelerates the recovery process after micro trauma.

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