Lifestyle medicine

According to the World Health Organization (WHO), chronic non-communicable diseases are the cause of 71% of all deaths and 80% of premature deaths in the world. Recent research shows that more than two-thirds of chronic non-communicable diseases are due to inappropriate lifestyle.

Lifestyle medicine is a system of different interventions in one’s lifestyle, which contribute to the prevention and treatment of chronic diseases. In other words, lifestyle medicine deals  with diseases caused by a poor lifestyle!

Biotrening created an innovative service called Biotrening Lifestyle Medicine for the purpose of treatment of chronic non-communicable diseases with a synergy of different scientific disciplines (medicine, kinesiology, psychology, nutrition).

Biotrening Lifestyle Medicine is a simple, accessible and effective treatment, with many health benefits and benefits regarding quality of life, without any harmful side effects. Finally, the most effective remedies are our  own life decisions!

Biotrening Lifestyle Medicine services are focused on treating:

  • cardiovascular diseases
  • malignancies of neurodegenerative diseases
  • autoimmune diseases
  • depression

Biotrening Lifestyle Medicine services include scientifically proven resources in the treatment of chronic non-communicable diseases:

  • programmed physical exercise,
  • appropriate nutrition
  • stress management,
  • sleep control and management,
  • improvement of social life,
  • accepting good (movement, enough sleep, socializing) and discarding bad habits (smoking, alcohol, drugs, excessive intake of food).

Biotrening Lifestyle Medicine treatment procedure:

Lifestyle medicine

Biotrening Lifestyle Medicine services:

  • Fitness diagnostics:
    • health risks evaluation
    • body composition assessment
    • mobility and stability tests
    • muscle strength tests
    • cardiorespiratory endurance tests
  • Exercise program:
    • personalized selection of exercises, load, methods, frequency and distribution of physical exercise and its application under the supervision of sport science specialists
  • Nutrition program:
    • analysis of dietary habits
    • body composition analysis
    • laboratory checkup (according to the indications)
  • Nutrition plan:
    • recommendations (daily diet) and / or
    • diet plan (weekly diet plan) and / or
    • diet program (detailed monthly program monitoring)
    • stress exposure assessment  
  • Stress management treatment
  • Lifestyle workshops (maximum 30 people) up to 3 hours
  • Integral treatment (created according to individual needs)

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