Ivica Olić

It all started in 2001 while I was playing for FC Zagreb and my couch was Mr. Zlatko Kranjčar. It was already then that I became aware of all the extreme pressures of top sports and I decided to start with additional conditioning trainings completely adapted to my insufficiencies. I was sent to Professor Igor Jukić, now the lead person at Biotrening centre. We immediately hit the same cord and we have continued our cooperation until today, even now when I am starting my career as a coach. I always had a very old-fashion perspective of my job – get out to the field, chase every ball, exhaust yourself. I have always been perceived as a footballer with extreme will, extraordinary speed and exceptional durability.

When I started working with Igor and Biotrening I realised that my characteristics were just a good base for developing other abilities required in football and that only those natural talents were not sufficient in order to become one of the key players in clubs participating in high level competitions. While I was playing for Zagreb and Dinamo I communicated with Professor Jukić on a daily basis, and during my engagements abroad we communicated via Skype or phone. Igor also sometimes came to short visits, and also longer visits during summer and winter breaks. The basic guideline was to develop tolerance to discomfort through various training processes leading it to top level.

In 2005 I had a ligament and meniscus surgery while I was playing for CSKA Moscow, and in 2010 again while playing for Bayern Munich. Biotrening and their working principles helped me immensely to get back to the field as soon as possible, even in better shape than before. I think it is enough to mention that while playing for Bayern I used to run 12 kilometres per game, I took on the role of team leader, pushed Miroslav Klose from the team and, most importantly, I scored all the key goals (hat-trick in 2010 against Lyon which led Bayern to the Champions League finals). In the words of my former coach Louis Van Gaal: ”Ola gives 100% at all times”. However, without a perfect compatibility of condition and technique giving 100% is not enough. That is where the results of cooperation with Biotrening are visible. I have gained skills and competences that enabled me to become a machine, precisely adjusted to all the hardships on the field. I use all the things learned as a coach today and I try to pass it on to my players. I still want to advance in football, in a different role however. I would like to really thank Biotrening and Professor Jukić for making me a better player and for setting good foundations for me to become a top level coach as well.



Antonio Brzica

Due to a variety of circumstances I started to gain weight and soon enough it peaked at 124 kg. Alongside being overweight, I developed other problems and sicknesses including mild depression. After some convincing from a friend that had already participated in Biotrening group trainings, I decided to join. At the very beginning I underwent comprehensive examination in order to determine my initial condition and various deficits caused by excess weight. I started group trainings and after some time I decided to try individual programmes that were fully adjusted to my needs and desires. Having acquired great help and assistance from trainers and nutritionists at Biotrening, I started to change my daily routine as well. Healthy diet has become the key for everything. Today, after one year, I weigh 43 kg less, and I feel much better, livelier and happier. Having those excess kilos and depression after me is the best feeling in the world!



Lorena Marić

I have always been ‘plump’. In the childhood I was quite active, interested in various sports, I wanted to try everything. Hitting puberty I got distracted and I became more concentrated on things young people generally love. Going out, unhealthy food, lack of sleep, too much time spent on computers and mobile phones lead to health deterioration. I started to feel anxious and uncomfortable in my own skin. I had 25 kg above my normal weight. Luckily, my best friend recommended me to try Biotrening. She had been training there for six months at that time and she was more than satisfied with everything. She managed to persuade me to give it a shot, and that is how it all started. I started slowly, three trainings a week in group programmes and soon enough I got hooked! The atmosphere, the people, friendly and really expert trainers…. After the first month I lost 5 kilos! That was enormous success for me and I decided to work even harder and started with individual trainings. After the initial examination I got my individual training programme. I trained four to five times a week with additional instructions to spend the weekends actively and, naturally, to look after my diet. Gradually the excess kilos melted, I was making huge progress in exercises that earlier I had problems with, I pushed my own records, and most importantly, I learned to love the training process, and eventually I learned to love myself again! I feel better than ever now. I still work out and maintain my ideal weight. I would like to thank Biotrening and particularly my trainer – you have helped me to finally feel comfortable in my own skin and to restore faith in myself.

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